Panel discussion: Teaching Simulation and Modeling in the Era of Digitalization

Digital transformation concerns the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. It provides new opportunities, maximizes efficiencies, increases collaboration and reduces costs. Due to this development, digital learning methods as simulation and modeling techniques need to become a central activity in education at universities. In this panel discussion, we discuss the requirements and challenges arising from simulation and modeling in the era of digitalization.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gunther Brenner, Vice-President for Teaching and Academic Programs (TU Clausthal); Priv.-Doz. Dr. Umut Durak, Aeronautical Informatic (German Aerospace Center (DLR)); M.A. Kathrin Seifert, Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (TU Clausthal), Prof. Dr. Gregor Wehinger, Professor for Chemical Process Dynamics (TU Clausthal); Diana Zucker, Project Manager of the Digitization Laboratory and silverLabs (TU Clausthal)

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