Simulation of Materials 1: Atomistic models and chemical processes

Session Chair: Siegfried Schmauder

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Amjad Asad¹ and Rüdiger Schwarze¹
¹Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Numerical Investigation of Reactive Cleaning of Steel Melt in an Induction Crucible Furnace

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Nina Gunkelmann¹ and Maximilian Merkert²
¹Technische Universität Clausthal, ²Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Improved energy minimization for iron carbon systems

4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Saeed Rhamati¹, Roberto Veiga², Alejandro Zuniga² and Bertrand Jodoin¹
¹University of Ottawa, ²Federal University of ABC
Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of High Velocity Impact of a Copper Particle: Insights on the Cold Spray Process

5:00 am -5:30 pm
Yudi Rosandi¹ and Nina Gunkelmann²
¹Universitas Padjadjaran, ²Technische Universität Clausthal
Molecular dynamics study on mechanical response of alumina coated aluminum nano-wires under tension and compression

5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Hector Rusinque¹ and Gunther Brenner¹
¹Technische Universität Clausthal
Numerical determination of the transport properties of nanoporous materials using Brownian dynamics

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